Dolly Khanna Portfolio sparkles with multibagger gains. Check her latest portfolio.

Dolly Khanna’s present portfolio is as follows:

STOCK CMP (Rs) NOS of Shares VALUE % to portfolio
Chennai Petro 691.55 2,412,020 ₹1,668,032,431.00 41.65
KCP 40.9 1,432,638 ₹58,594,894.20 1.46
Monte Carlo Fashions 705.65 401,512 ₹283,326,942.80 7.07
Nitin Spinners 340 656,338 ₹223,154,920.00 5.57
Mangalore Chem 124.2 1,437,990 ₹178,598,358.00 4.46
Prakash Pipes 442 774,451 ₹342,307,342.00 8.55
Pondy Oxides 443.7 356,523 ₹158,189,255.10 3.95
Talbros Auto 305.8 193,215 ₹59,085,147.00 1.48
Control Print 944.35 193,582 ₹182,809,161.70 4.56
Tinna Rubber 598.8 221,932 ₹132,892,881.60 3.32
Deepak Spinners 257.25 118,743 ₹30,546,636.75 0.76
Simran Farms 170.05 54,496 ₹9,267,044.80 0.23
Prakash Industries 181.05 1,798,140 ₹325,553,247.00 8.13
Som Distilleries 290.3 873,429 ₹253,556,438.70 6.33
Salzer Electronics 416.1 177,599 ₹73,898,943.90 1.85
Rajshree Sugars 53.2 347,035 ₹18,462,262.00 0.46
National Oxygen 115.9 56,973 ₹6,603,170.70 0.16
Total ₹4,004,879,077.25 100.00

At least 6 stocks owned by Dolly Khanna, whose portfolio is managed by her husband Rajiv Khanna, have given multibagger returns inching up to 228% in 2023.

Data available till the end of the September quarter on ACE Equity showed that Khanna owned 18 stocks in her portfolio out of which Chennai Petroleum, Talbros Automotive, Prakash Pipes, Tinna Rubber and Control Print have given multibagger returns this year. We have excluded stocks that were not owned by her.

Prakash Industries has also given multibagger returns in the last one year but it is not considered in this list as the stock was not in her portfolio in December 2022.

Chennai Petroleum Corporation

Chennai Petroleum owns one of the largest standalone refineries in south India with a capacity of 10.5 mtpa. Khanna owned 1.62% stake in the company, the stock of which has rallied around 228% this year.

“The stock is highly sensitive to GRMs: a $1/bbl change in the GRM alters EPS by 43.2%. We retain our Buy rating with a 12-mth TP of Rs775, valuing the stock at 4.5x FY25e EV/EBITDA,” Anand Rathi said.

Talbros Automotive

Khanna’s stake in Talbros stood at 1.57% at the end of quarter ended September 30 versus 1.50% at the end of

the June ended quarter, according to the public shareholding data available on the BSE.

Market maven Vijay Kedia also owns 1.22% stake in the company, the shares of which have rallied around 173% in 2023.

Prakash Pipes

The smallcap with a market capitalisation of just around Rs 1,000 crore has also rallied around 171% this year. Khanna owned around 3.24% stake in the company.

Tinna Rubber And Infrastructure

Tinna Rubber is another smallcap in Khanna’s portfolio that has more than doubled in the last one year. The ace investor owned 1.3% stake in the company at the end of Q2.

Control Print

Shares of smallcap Control Print have rallied around 130% in the last one year. Khanna’s ownership stood at 1.21%.

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Dolly Khanna Portfolio sparkles with multibagger gains. Check her latest portfolio.

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