Top 3 Picks for 2024 from the realty sector by JMFICS

Investment Theme for 2024 – Realty

As shared in our previous reports, Realty Index has given a decadal breakout – 14 years to be precise which means next 12 -24 months could be dominated by this sector. Realty Index can potentially double from current level of 770 in the next 2 years. Our Target is 1500.

Largecaps have already shown a big move led by DLF (our Diwali Pick) but we feel now is the time for the Mid and Small Caps to join the party.

Here are our Top 3 Picks from the space:

3. DBREALTY (201)

Targets can be anywhere in the 2x to 2.5x i.e. a possible upside for more than 100% in next 2 years.

2023 belonged to PSE’s while 2024 can very much he dominated by Real Estate stocks. It will be a straight upmove so keep buying on dips.

Stay Bullish, Stay Invested 👍🏻

Rahul Sharma
JM Financial Services Ltd.

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