Cressanda Solutions

Cressanda Solutions is poised to innovate, design, and deliver large business projects with technology and software services at its core. The software services include development of business applications, data Sciences, cloud, migration, business process optimization, digital media, technology implementation & maintenance services

Hemang Resources

In its latest quarterly result, Hemang Resources’ revenue rose by 132,600% and net profit zoomed by 830% in 2022. This turnaround in financials and profitability could be the reason why the stock is rallying in 2022. Also, the Company is a beneficiary of the coal crisis. In 2021, the company sold imported coal and generated most of its revenues from selling this imported coal.

Gallops Enterprises

Gallops Enterprise provides real estate services for which there is enormous scope. The company focuses on building construction, property development, and building and erection engineering services.

Kaiser Corporation

Experts say that investors should not only focus on the financials and technicals but also look at the fundamentals. After deep research, eperts say KACL has a card of ace known clients such as xicon international. There corporate clients are HP, Bharat petrolium, tropicana and even rolls royce

Urja Global Ltd

The stock has been consolidating nicely for a long time. It is rising up slow and steadily, after making a strong base, which is a very good sign. The technical charts are also looking good.