Gensol Engineering Ltd multibagger

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Gensol Engineering Ltd multibagger

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Dr Prashant Mishra has written an interesting note on Gensol Engineering Ltd

I am not a financial expert so for me its difficult to search or find out any
hidden company or company which is not in news or social media for
investment so I always try to search more about promotors and now I
bought Gensol ( Only few shares from 116 to 171) I admit it’s a high risk
microcap but I decided to invest in it because
1- I was searching for solar and renewable theme so I came to know
about Gensol engineering
2- I searched about promotors-
(A)Anmol singh Jaggi - Bachelor of Technology under
Petroleum Engineering branch from University of Petroleum and
Energy Studies, Dehradun – age 35 yrs
(B)Punit Singh Jaggi - degree in chemical engineering from IIT-
Company was incorporated in 2012 ( 9 yrs back)as Gensol Engineering
Private Limited' on September 25 2012, at that time age of Anmol sing
Jaggi was 26 yr old and so I was curious to know more about promotor
because business was much ahead of time and searched more about
him and I found that he started carbon credit business in 2007–
He started Business of carbon credit at the age of 21 yrs and he is not
from any business family , his father was Late Respected Lt Gen Jaggi
sir .
( Read Article below)

so after reading that article I was more curious to know more about
promotor so I started to search about Blue smart taxis and found some
Read this article

Read another article about Blue smart taxis ... et-growth-

BP ventures is also invested in Blue smart ... india-for-

But Blue smart is not a part of Gensol so I thought better to avoid Gensol
because Gensol is a solar advisory and execution services only but then
I found this announcement ... rip=542851#

According to this announcement Gensol which is a listed company will
buy EV and will give at lease to Blue Smart taxis and will get Lease
So I bought few shares of Gensol .
Then recently I saw another announcement from Gensol ( Read Below) ... rip=542851#
SO if you see this announcement you will find two interesting
Increasing the borrowing limit of the company upto INR 500.00 Crores;
and Increasing the limit of the company for loan and investments upto
INR 500.00 Crores so my according to my understanding they will
borrow and the will invest and where they will invest ,probabaly in Blue
smart taxis because of their previous announcement ,Read Below

So I believe that Gensol will borrow money and invest in Blue smart
taxis , as I wrote earlier also that I am a doctor and not a financial expert
so I don’t understand any thing about its financial implications because
Blue smart is a startup and all depends on its future performance .

So My summary or investment thesis about Gensol eng .
1- It’s a solar advisory , engineering construction and supervision
company and it’s a booming sector so good growth is possible
2- It started buying EV vehicle and started giving to Blue smart
3- High promotor holding
4- Microcap- so inherent risk will be there
5- Not Much information about the company in Google

Dr Prashant Mishra
MBBS , MS, MCh ( Cardiac surgery )

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Re: Gensol Engineering Ltd multibagger

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Dr Prashant Mishra also said the following:

Gensol engineering - we started investment when market cap was around 125 cr , now mcap is 3000 cr, we saw its journey from 125-130 to 1900 then back to 700 ( when many started telling us Pump and Dump ) now 2400 plus , again i am writing that buying low is not important but holding despite volatility in share price is more important ,if you dont have belief in your own research then no one can help you and probably you can not make money , conviction in your own research and patience both are very important in investing.

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