Six penny stocks under Rs 6 which have multibagger potential

When penny stocks surge, it means that there is some fundamental reason for them to go up.

Update: 9th February 2018

Penny stocks have shown their mettle with as many as 10 of them giving spectacular gains of up to 20% while the Sensex crashed a massive 500 points.

These top 10 penny stocks are the following:

(i) GV Films surged 19.48% to a day’s high of Rs 0.92;

(ii) P.B. Films advanced 19.58% to Rs 1.71;

(iii) Tulsi Extrusions rocketed 18.67% to a day’s high of Rs 3.05.

The other seven penny stocks which gave heavy gains are

(iv) SRS Real Infrastructure was up 9.93%;

(v) PMC Fincorp was up 9.52%;

(vi) Rohit Ferro-Tech was up 9.51%;

(vii) Surana Industries was up 9.23%;

(viii) Perfect-Octave Media Projects was up 9.49%;

(ix) Radaan Mediaworks was up 9.64% and

(x) Kothari Sugars And Chemicals was up 9.38%.

A reference must also be made to Euro Ceramics, a good penny stock, which surged 8.63%.

Update: 8th February 2018

3 penny stocks below Re 1 gained up to 33% today as Sensex rose 330 points.

Visesh Infotecnics, FCS Software Solutions and KSS are three penny stocks which attracted attention on 8th February 2018 due to their spectacular performance.

All three penny stocks have a prices below Re 1.

Visesh Infotecnics, an IT software services provider, surged 33.33% to close at a day’s high price of Rs 0.2.

Visesh Infotecnics hit a 52-week high of Rs 0.35.

In 2013, Visesh Infotecnics surged to Rs 3.9. In 2006, the penny stock touched the all-time high price of Rs 6.13.

Other two shares below Re 1 which also rallied heavily are FCS Software Solutions and KSS.

FCS Software Solutions gave magnificent gain of 16.67% to close at Rs 0.35.

In just the last one-month period, FCS Software Solutions has given a gain of 250%.

As on 1 February 2018, FCS Software Solutions closed at Rs 0.1.

KSS also posted impressive gains of 16.67% and closed at Rs 0.35.

KSS made a 52-week high of Rs 0.55 in January 2018.

Amongst the three penny stocks, KSS is the biggest with a free-float market capitalisation of Rs 62.38 crore.

Update: 31st January 2018

10 Penny stocks below Rs 100 give up to 20% gain even as Sensex tumbles over 200 points

10 penny stocks have shown their fundamental strength. Even though the Sensex plunged like a stone and lost 200 points, the penny stocks gave returns of up to 20%.

These 10 penny stocks are the following:

(i) Shares of Jetking Infotrain rose 8.18% to the day’s high of Rs 68.7;

(ii) Manaksia Coated Metals & Industries jumped 13% to the day’s high of Rs 18.95;

(iii) Rajasthan Cylinders & Containers advanced 18% to the day’s high of Rs 56.95;

(iv) Athena Constructions added nearly 15% to the day’s high of Rs 68.8;

(v) Diggi Multitrade gained 9.09% to the day’s high of Rs 12

(vi) Vikas EcoTech surged 15% to the day’s high of Rs 42.

Other prominent shares under Rs 100 which soared up to 20% include the following:

(vii) Ester Industries up 10% at the day’s high of Rs 74;

(viii) Eurotex Industries And Exports up 17% at the day’s high of Rs 39.4;

(ix) A&M Febcon up 20% at the day’s high of Rs 21.7 and

(x) Kapil Raj Finance up 20% at the day’s high of Rs 42.3.

The strong performance of these penny stocks in a down market suggests that they have strong fundamentals and deserve to be studied further whether they make a good investment.

There are six penny stock under Rs 6 which have gained up to 6% on 5th December 2017.

These stocks are the following:

(i) Chromatic India which rose 6% to Rs 2.3;

(ii) USG Tech Solutions jumped 5% to Rs 4.84;

(iii) Sea TV Network zoomed 5% to Rs 3.99;

(iv) Silver Oak Commercial advanced 4.8% to Rs 2.4;

(v) KBS India rose 5% to Rs 3.15

(vi) Nu Tek India 4.85% gained to Rs 2.16 on BSE.

Nine penny stocks under Rs 5 which gained up to 5% on 6th December 2017:

(i) Shares of SRS Ltdrose 5% to Rs 2.31;

(ii) Stellar Capital Services jumped 4.92% to Rs 3.84;

(iii) Ushdev International gained 4.91% to Rs 2.78;

(iv) Chromatic India advanced 7.42% to Rs 2.46;

(v) Silver Oak Commercial gained 4.76% to Rs 2.64;

(vi) KBS India rose 4.76% to Rs 3.3;

(vii) Nu Tek India zoomed 4.63% to Rs 2.26;

(viii) Euro Multivision surged 4.43% to Rs 2.12

(ix) Lee & Nee Softwares (Exports) gained 3.9% to Rs 3.2.

9 penny stocks under Rs 10 gain up to 20% on 8th December 2017

(i) Shares of Provogue (India) jumped 19.97% to Rs 7.99,

(ii) Sree Sakthi Paper Mills rose 19.45% to Rs 4.79,

(iii) Sybly Industries gained 12.55% to Rs 5.2,

(iv) Eastern Silk Industries zoomed 7.89% to Rs 5.47,

(v) Euro Ceramics advanced 7.92% to Rs 7.9,

(vi) LML gained 8.27% to Rs 8.9,

(vii) Restile Ceramics rose 8.4% to Rs 7.18,

(viii) Surat Textile Mills gained 8.36% to Rs 6.48 and

(ix) Sundaram Multi Pap rose as much as 9.48% to Rs 5.08.

Update: 22nd December 2017

These are 23 penny stocks under Rs 10 which hit their respective 52-week lows:

(i) Shares of Matra Kaushal Enterprise fell 1.89% to Rs 3.64;

(ii) Modella Woolens tumbled 4.32% to Rs 4.21;

(iii) Unipro Technologies fell 4.94% to Rs 6.73;

(iv) Suryo Foods & Industries fell 4.96% to Rs 7.86;

(v) Shree Precoated Steels dropped 4% to Rs 0.24;

(vi) Source Industries (India) dived 4.72% to Rs 1.21;

(vii) Quantum Digital Vision slumped 4.9% to Rs 0.97;

(viii) Quest Financial Services 4.26% fell to Rs 0.45;

(ix) Overseas Synthetics shed 4.97% to Rs 7.08;

(x) Mahavir Industriesfell 1.43% 2.75;

(xi) Layla Textile and Traders tripped 4.96% to Rs 4.98;

(xii) Kome-On Communication dropped 1.03% to Rs 0.96;

(xiii) Kkalpana Plastick fell 4.89% to Rs 6.03 and

(xiv) Jindal Cotex plunged 4.8% to Rs 8.92.

Some other penny stocks also made their 52-week lows:

(i) Jhaveri Credits & Capital (down 4.89% at Rs 3.89);

(ii) iStreet Network (down 4.82% at Rs 3.95);

(iii) Garware Marine Industries (down -2.12% at Rs 5.55);

(iv) Galada Power and Telecommunication (down 4.98% at Rs 6.29);

(v) Essar Securities (down 0.52% at Rs 9.6);

(vi) eDynamics Solutions (down 0.28% at Rs 3.6);

(vii) Devine Impex (down 4.93% at Rs 2.89);

(viii) Continental Controls(down 4.23% at Rs 3.85) and

(ix) Ashutosh Paper Mills(down 4.97% at Rs 1.72).

Sandip Sabharwal stock recommendations and market outlook

2018 will be a good year for risk assets globally driven by strong economic recovery, sufficient liquidity as well as contained inflation,” Sandip Sabharwal said.

He explained that the pick up in both consumer sentiment as well as demand led by infrastructure investments means that 2018 should be very good for both top line and profit growth.

Sandip Sabharwal said that the Sensex and Nifty may return a further 20% gain in the next year 2018 too, riding on the back of growing corporate revenues and profitability.

The Sensex and Nifty has already given a return of 28% so far in the current year 2017.

Outlook for Nifty and Sensex

Indian equity markets have been on a rising streak for the last one year with some blue-chip stocks which have beaten the key equity indices even.

Apart from the upside in shares, the public offers also received a higher-than-expected response from investors all across. In 2017 alone, there were about 6 IPOs which got subscribed more than 100 times and some have even entered the exclusive club of the companies mobilising over Rs 1 lakh crore.

Best multibagger penny stocks to buy

It is obvious that if there is a further upside of 20% in Indian equities as predicted by Sandip Sabharwal, penny stocks will do even better with many of them giving returns of more than 100%.

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