Penny Stocks Give Multibagger Gain of 37,000%

Penny stocks are known to give staggering multibagger gains.

Investors who can buy the right type of penny stocks can become enormously rich.

There is a report in the ET about penny stocks that have given unbelievable gains of 37,000%.

Such multibagger microcap stocks are bound to change the perception of investors about penny stocks. The fear that investors have is misplaced and unwarranted.

Bajaj Finance was quoting at a price of Rs. 4.5 per share (adjusted) in 2003.

Presently, Bajaj Finance is quoting at Rs. 1,690. This means that heavy multibagger gains of 37,000% have been derived by investors.

Investment in micro-cap stocks is known to have enormous benefits in terms of gains for investors.

Bajaj Finance’s market capitalisation in 2003 was less than Rs. 100 crore. Presently, it has a market capitalisation of Rs. 1,00,000 crore.

It is one of the largest blue-chip stocks in the stock market.

Bajaj Finance is a non-banking financial company (NBFC). It is a subsidiary of Bajaj Finserv.

The transition from penny stocks to large-cap came because of Bajaj Finance’s strong consumer financing business and renewed focus on mortgage and payment segments.

The stock has a lot more steam in it. Experts expect the stock to deliver up to 40 per cent return over next two years.

The Asset under management (AUM) of Bajaj Finance stands at Rs 60,194 crore in FY17.

It was only Rs 2,478 crore in FY08.

This means that the AUM has grown at an impressive CAGR of 43 per cent.

As of the end of FY18, the balance sheet is expected to show AUM of Rs 80,000.

This clearly means that penny stocks have immense multibagger potential and are required to be bought when they are still small.

Top Penny Stocks


Gain (%)

Sanwaria Consum.


Manaksia Steels


Paramount Comm.


Techindia Nirman


Magnum Ventures


Rattanlndia Infr


GVK Power Infra.




Oriental Trimex




Sambhaav Media


Soma Textiles


Indowind Energy




Nu Tek India


Genus Paper & Bo


JP Associates


Manaksia Coated


Manaksia Alumi.


In the post Six penny stocks under Rs 6 which have multibagger potential, there is a list of several high-quality stocks which have the potential to become the next Bajaj Finance.

The ability of the said stocks is shown by the fact that 20 multibagger penny stocks which cost less than Rs 10 give gains of up to 750% in 2017.

In fact, as many as 20 penny companies have surged at least 100 per cent in 2017.

They have severely outperformed the return of 24% given by the benchmark equity index BSE Sensex.

Sanwaria Consumer was the biggest performer with a return of 757 per cent.

The stock price of Sanwaria Consumer jumped from just Rs 2.55 on January 2, 2017 to Rs 21.85 on December 4, 2017.

Sanwaria Consumer is said to have more multibagger potential. It is a fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) food processing company.

It is engaged in the manufacturing and selling of rice, edible oil and staple food products, such as pulses, sugar, soya chunks and wheat flour etc.

Several other penny stocks also gave fabulous returns.

Manaksia Steels and Paramount Communications gave a return of 379 per cent and 271 per cent, respectively.

The stock of Manaksia Steels surged from Rs 8.85 to Rs 42.40. Paramount Communications kept pace by increasing from Rs 3.30 to Rs 12.25.

Other stocks such as Techindia Nirman, Magnum Ventures, Rattan India Infra, GVK Power and Infrastructure, Cinevista and Oriental Trimex also gave gains of 243 per cent, 242 per cent, 213 per cent, 171 per cent, 153 per cent and 153 per cent, respectively, on a YTD basis.

One of Porinju Veliyath’s favourite penny stocks is GVK Power and Infrastructure.

GVK Power has also given huge gains to investors.

The other penny stocks in the list include CCCL, Sambhaav Media, Soma Textiles, Indowind Energy, ISMT, Nu Tek India, Genus Paper, Jaiprakash Associates, Manaksia Coated and Manaksia Aluminium.

These stocks gave a minimum of 100% gain since January 2017.

Some other penny stocks that require to be kept on the radar include Jaiprakash Associates, Jaypee Infratech, FCS Software, Prakash Steelage, Lanco Infratech, Gemini Communication, MPS Infotecnics and Rasoya Protein.

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